Open your heart to unimaginable possibilities. Open your mind to have open conversations. Realise that this world is your network, an open network.


Talk to everyone, anytime and anywhere across the world. Get an opinion, understand a new perspective, know a new person and even practice your communication skills.


We are enabling people to leverage the whole world and not get limited by only the people they know. We are creating an open network (no network) where people can talk to anybody openly (without bias). We are enabling people to be themselves, with no fear of being judged, appreciate the cultural differences, be a global citizen and lead a better life.

Hear from our users

“I am just loving this idea of talking to students from other countries. It is very interesting and unique. I had few conversations on this app which I will never forget in my life. I talked to people I never thought I will ever talk. I have been the most introvert person in my circle and see what I have become, the most talkative person”
Katherin Williams

“Amazed to see this app. Never though that I could possibly talk to students from other colleges in other countries so easily. I must say that I am enjoying it. It’s learning with fun. Thumbs up to the team.”
Mia Geroge

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