14 Signs that you don’t know how to Shut Up!

1. You are known as blabbermouth& chatterbox among your family and friends.

2. From strangers to horrible professors, you can easily talk to anyone, because you have mastered the art of conversation.

3. You can’t find peace until you have shared every single piece of information with your friends.

4. You like to voice your opinions even when they are not needed.

5. You have already talked about your day to a random person.

6. Because of your talkativeness, people assume you can’t keep secrets. But admit it, they do slip out at times

7. You are always out of balance and battery because you are on phone 24/7.

8. You used to get in trouble in school all the time! The remarks section on your report card said ‘talking in class, doesn’t pay attention’.

9. Much to your friends’ annoyance, you talk way too much during the movie and often tell spoilers.

10. You are not a good listener.

11. People think you are super-confident and smart which is not exactly true.

12. People often appoint you to play the host in plays and events. They also mistake you for a motivational speaker.

13. You don’t know the meaning of ‘silence’.

14. But your loved ones know your value because you are the life of the party!

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