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How Opentalk helped me in my IELTS Exam

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Studying in a Hindi medium school in Delhi, I never got the confidence to speak English and did not have much experience with English grammar or writing part. And this flaw has actually made me embarrassed in front of many people, many times. Especially, when I live in a city like Delhi, where nowadays people have made English language the epitome of being intelligent and because of this, I suffered a lot in my teenage.

I was never ashamed of what I am and what I do; I was a topper in my school and was a science student. Just after my school when I attend some counselling’s, I got to know that there is an even big opportunity in Canada to get admission in the top college for B.Tech. And to study abroad I need to pass the IELTS exam and it was the most difficult part of going abroad and following my dream.

IELTS means International English Language Testing System, here my knowledge for technicality was not going to be tested, here I had to clear an exam where I have to give English test.  And being a student of Hindi medium school, I was not extremely good at English, but I decided to not to give up on my dreams and give this exam a try.

The problem was that my English teacher was out of town and there was no one to teach me. I became very furious and thought that my wish to study in a big college will not be fulfilled. But, then one of my friend considering my situation told me about an app named as Open talk.

When I started using the Opentalk app I truly found it a revolutionary app in the digital world. This app lets you connect with random people with same interest as yours. You just have to fill up your interest and a call will be placed to a totally random person with the same interest. Also, there is one more brilliant feature that was actually my saviour, is that there is an option where you can connect with people who can help you improve English language. And yes, it was exactly what I needed.

On Opentalk I got connected to a totally random person named Surya who was a professor in IP University for English language. He was an enthusiast and loves to help people and he thought of helping people through Opentalk.

My IELTS exam was just 15 days ago and I was very nervous, but Surya gave me that confidence and started working on my grammar part. He then cleared basic doubts and told me to practice a sample paper daily. He used to teach for around 2 hours daily and made me all prepared for the exam.

Today, I have got IELTS results and I have passed the exam with flying colours. Now, I am going abroad for higher studies in next 1 month.  I can’t thank enough to Surya and to Opentalk that is actually a saviour for many people.

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Learnt designing tips for a college project from a designer in Canada

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Being a mass communication student I feel very happy to get to do various projects that I haven’t done before. Doing bachelors in mass communication leads me to a digital world where everything is new yet interesting for me.

I am a first-year student and it is only been 3 months that I have joined college and got to know there’s too much to learn here. There were many students who were already an expert at designing and editing. But as I hail from a small village in India had no experience with all the professional softwares like Photoshop, premiere pro, final cut pro etc. These softwares were just some fancy names to me that I heard after coming to college.

Recently, the professor in our college considered that most of the students are pretty familiar with Adobe Photoshop and gave us a project related to designing a logo for a website. And I who have never used Photoshop had to design a logo. I felt really dumb at that point of time and I was too embarrassed to ask for a help from fellow students as they all were very good related to the project work and I did not want to show myself any less from others.

Later, when I got back to home, I started surfing to gather information related to designing and to learn Adobe Photoshop tools. But it was pretty difficult to learn all the tools in so short time span of 2 days. Then, while surfing I saw a link to Open talk app. And I casually tried the app and found it very interactive; there I was associated with a lot more other budding designers in a group with queries regarding designing software. It was a talk circle, named “designers group” which was very easy to access because of interesting yet user-friendly features of Open talk. And there I put up the question,

I need to design a logo, Can anybody teach me basics of Adobe Photoshop?

And I got a lot of replies back explaining me the basics of Photoshop. And there was a guy who was from Canada and was very good at designing. He lived all alone in Canada and wanted a companion to talk to, so he reached me out and helped me explaining each step of designing a logo and tools thoroughly. He found a friend in me and I found a teacher.

Next day, professors and fellow classmates were very impressed with my work. And all credits goes to Open talk app that introduced me to a teacher and a very good friend.

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Navigators’ Survival

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I’ve been in the marine profession for three years now. It being my first job, I had a good deal of problems to deal with in the beginning. Be it physical or mental, it was hard for me to grapple with the newness of this profession. While staying away from home for months on end isn’t quite easy, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Opentalk by one of my fellow members.

Life as a navigator may get monotonous at times. Staying with the same set of fifteen odd people all day adds to the boredom. Few months back, during one of our lunch sessions, we were discussing about our lives back home. One of my team members gave a brilliant suggestion. He shared that he had been using Opentalk, an online platform for casual and interesting conversations for months now. Further, he recommended the same to us. He added that it’s a community of 250k people and is recognized worldwide. This facilitates conversations with people not only from within the country but also abroad. The range of a conversation isn’t defined. It may range from food interests, travelling suggestions, to personal issues like depression as well. My colleague added that there are a plethora of people out there, experts on various fields, and they guide and instruct you accordingly. It seemed like a good plan for the weekend. I installed the Opentalk and at once, got going.

Opentalk_Navigator's survival

There was a feature of ‘Talk Status’ that acted as a mediator to the fellow users. One could type in anything he wanted to talk about and others would get to be aware of the same. I wrote, “Ways to tackle boredom as a navigator”. With the help of ‘Voice Conversations’, I began conversing with a man from the UK. He had retired as a Marine Engineer after having worked for thirty three years. It was wonderful to speak to him as he seemed to understand every bit of what I shared. I went on to discuss about my homesickness too. I added that it had been three years and have still not been able to cope up with the issue. He assured that it wasn’t anything problematic, and discussed ways with me to keep in regular touch with my family. The conversation went on for a while and ended on a nice note. 

Since that day, I’ve been regularly using Opentalk. It has been a savior to me. From getting appropriate movie suggestions to learning a new skill online, I’ve never been let down by the platform. I remember once when I thought of sparing some time daily in order to learn something productive. I was suggested by a calligrapher from the USA to learn the art of calligraphy. He elucidated the benefits of the same, saying that it not only adds to the artistic ability but is also beneficial for mental health. He also suggested his own blog wherein he shared various tips from beginner’s to advanced level. I took up his suggestion and practiced that for a couple of weeks. It’s been an enriching experience.

I’d like to finally add that Opentalk has been a blessing to me. I’m sure that everyone, no matter of what age or profession can reap the benefits of it in some way. I shall be continuing my stint with Opentalk for the years to come. Moreover, I’d recommend more and more people for the same as conversing with people worldwide would help add a different dimension to their personality. 

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Learnt Android Hacks from a Developer in Indonesia

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Opentalk Android developers talk

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. With over 1 billion users across the world. While the benefits offered by the services are not only known to but also availed by a plethora of its users, there are few hacks that not many people are aware of. Piqued by this, I decided to turn to conversations platform – Opentalk and connect with relevant people in order to learn more about the same. Without much ado, I connected with a developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. He introduced himself as an Android Developer, passionately working for the past six years.

I was acquainted with several lesser known Android applications that served amazing functions by countering major problems faced by Android users, lack of storage space being one of the foremost ones. Especially for music buffs who wish to listen to their playlists on phones rather than on PCs. Android developers have come up with an application called Gmote that allows users to directly stream music from PCs to their phones, thus solving the problem of shortage of storage space on the phones. Besides, music buffs can also turn to the Equalizer app from Google Play Store that further enhances the audio quality and loudness of music files played on the phone.

Further, he introduced to me the concept of rooting the phone with the help of root-only apps, and also told me about the benefits of diogn the same. He went on to tell me that rooting the phone opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the users, such as, gaining extra memory, making the phone run faster and more efficiently, especially at a time when several android apps are running simultaneously that demand plenty of computing power.

Additionally, I was told about a stellar hack that’ll come handy for gamers. By rooting the phone, it is possible to use an NES controller by attaching it to the phone, thereby, bringing back the charm of playing games on video game console ads. Gamebod and Ataroid are other apps that enable playing classic games on the Android smartphone.    

Another significant turn-off for any user is popping up of insignificant advertisements out of nowhere. Not many people are aware of the fact that this can be done away with once one has rooted the smartphone. One simply has got to install Adfree app which blocks ads from anywhere and everywhere from popping up.

One of the most remarkable hacks I learnt during the conversation was about Android Device Manager. This feature is nothing short of magic, comes into the picture when one unfortunately loses their phone. Android Device Manager also facilitates the authentic user to change the phone’s PIN in order to safeguard confidential information stored on it. It is also possible to erase all data from the phone for security purposes.

I wrapped up a 20-minute talk with the developer which was not only enriching but also enlightening in all respects. Opentalk paves the way for eager people to learn about anything and everything. It makes the job of learning all the more easier by virtue of voice conversations. It is a wonderful platform that serves to share and expand knowledge by bringing the ‘learner’ and the ‘mentor’ together. It is an unconventional and highly efficient way of learning.

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New Friends; New Countries

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I joined Opentalk 4 months back to make new friends; I recently moved to Japan and had a lot of time in hand, and well, I barely had any friends. I have always been a very private person, had a few friends and well, life felt fine before I moved to another country. Here I had to start all over again, and I had no clue where to start from, and that’s how I came across Opentalk, and I couldn’t be gladder to run into this app.

I have talked to people from 14 different countries, and slowly I’m getting over my fear of talking to new people after spending so many hours in getting over my fear finally I had my D-Day. I smiled and spoke to a Shopkeeper while paying off for things. Thanks to Opentalk, eventually, slowly I’m adapting and getting over my fear. Thanks to you guys!