How I Invested My Money Wisely Making Huge Revenues On Opentalk!!

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Investing money wisely is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes it is crucial to make decisions when it is all about investing your hard-earned money accepting the risks especially when you’re not much experienced or do not have any prior knowledge about investing into mutual funds. At such time, when you find yourself in jeopardy and unable to take the major risk it is better to have a financial advisor right next to you. People often opt for firms that provide financial advice claiming negligible risk and highest revenues. The market for such brokers and investment firms are in high demand these days.

But unfortunately, my experience with any of it was not satisfactory enough. Even though the risk factor is pretty low, don’t expect huge revenues in this case. You have to be a pundit if you really want to pursue investment as good source of income.

Living in a metro city I was always enticed by the world of investments and shares. I stumbled upon a lot of my friends who made quite good revenues while investing in mutual funds and other investment platforms. Although I was always too shy about asking them the way to success towards investing. I started consulting an investment firm but that hardly made me learn anything and the revenues were not up to the mark.

I researched and started investing my money completely on my own. Initially, I invested a low sum of an amount of my hard-earned money as I was too scared of investing much without any proper guidance. My brother was using the Opentalk app for quite a while those days and he got a lot of contacts on grooming his guitar skills through this app. He even got some good projects through open talk and one day when he was using this app on the phone I asked him about this app out of curiosity. He explained to me how he made influential contacts through this app while talking to strangers from all across the country just on the basis of his hobby or interests.

I too got engaged in the whole conversation and having my own fetish towards investments and financial techniques I started talking to people who were completely stranger to me but share the same passion towards investment. I made a list of contacts with few talented people in this field and we started talking regularly on this matter. Slowly and steadily I learnt a lot about investment with my own gang on Opentalk.

I was equivalent to any financial expert at the end of the year and my gang on Opentalk became a family to me. We all were proficient in our work and thought of leveraging our knowledge by starting our very own Investment firm together. The idea was a hit for us and from that day onwards we even became business partners.

The possibilities with such app is endless when it comes to learning and the user interface is quite easy for even a beginner. This app is something everyone must use in their life. I strongly recommend this app to everyone around me or to others.


Organised an event and invited famous influencers with the help of Opentalk

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Being a budding event organizer, I used to search for good projects that I can work on. It was my 4th month as an event organizer and I had managed to get 3 to 4 events, but they were all the small ones. And now I was looking forward to collaborating with a reputed company to organize a big event.

Last month, I got a call from one of the top social networking apps team of Nepal, who were planning to launch their fashion app in India as well. And the only thing that I have not done before, but they required was the presence of famous celebrities and influencers, as they wanted to promote their app on a big platform.

Organizing an event is what I am expert at, but I have had no connection with famous celebrities and influencers. I was quite tensed about the work as the app launch date was on the head.

The next day, I was talking to one of my friend, who was also an event organizer and I discussed the situation with him. After, listening to the entire situation, he suggested me to use Opentalk app. It is a revolutionary app in the digital world. This app lets you connect to random people with same interest as yours. You just have to fill up your interest and a call will be placed to a random person with the same interest. Also, there is one more brilliant feature that was actually my savior, is that there is an option where you can create a talk circle with the people you have connected before or you can join any talk circle that is already available on the application.

Then, immediately I downloaded the app and got the access to join a talk circle named “Delhi influencers”. There were tech, beauty and fashion influencers who were just apt for the fashion app launch. Then, I passed on a message, inviting the influencers and celebs for the app launch event and got a pretty positive response.

After 15 days, on the app launch event, all the influencers came and the heads of the app were very happy with the way event was organized and with the presence of celebrities and influencers. Opentalk surely came to my rescue to organize such a big event. Now, it is easier for me to connect with celebrities and influencers for events and promotions and all the credit goes to Opentalk.


Discovered the best school for me with a bonus of scholarship. Opentalk to my rescue

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Schooling is the best phase of our life, not just friends or childhood but the knowledge we get and the mannerism we learn is all that stays forever with us. Thus, being in the best school is something that is pretty important and will affect your whole life and not just 12-14 years of your schooling.

Spending over 10 years as a bright student of a reputed school in Dehradun, I realized the importance of schooling that leads to a bright future and career. It was the time when 10th standard board exams were over the head and I got to know about my fathers posting in Delhi. And the whole family had to shift there.

After the board exams, when we shifted to Delhi, I was pretty tensed about from where I should continue my schooling. Being hassled up with shifting and settling down the new house, mom and dad were busy. And I being new in Delhi, felt alienated. But thanks to the developing world, I had a smartphone and connected with a few friends of mine from Dehradun.

As time passed, I shared my thoughts regarding my tension towards admission in 11th standard, that is the most crucial year of schooling, as it decides the stream you opt and that will be the priority of your careers field. After, all the discussion with my friends, one of my friend understood my point and suggested me a phone application named “Open talk” that can help me select the best school in Delhi.

Next day, I casually tried the Open talk app and found it very interactive, there I was associated with a lot more other students in a group with queries regarding study material and schooling in Delhi. It was a talk circle, named “Schooling in Delhi”. And there I put up the question,

“Which school is the best in Delhi and what is the criteria for admission?”

There I got many replies suggesting me the best of schools in Delhi. And when I shared my interest in Science stream and percentage of the previous year, an alumni of Delhi Public School, approached me with an offer of a scholarship. The opportunity was very captivating as Delhi Public School is a very reputed school and getting a scholarship is like icing on the cake.



On Open talk, I personally called Rahul, the Alumni of Delhi Public school and discussed the criteria and formalities with him. He was quite impressed with my skills and suggested me to fill an online form and a test. And luckily I got selected and cleared the test with flying colours. After 1 Week I got a call from Rahul saying, the opening of the new session is after two days. And I should be at school in uniform at sharp 8:30.

I just could not believe I got selected in one such big school. Open talk rescued me by giving me the opportunity to get to talk to the perfect guardian, Rahul. A big thanks to Open talk app for all the user-friendly features. This app can make you be friends with anyone, anywhere and you won’t ever feel alienated.


Alumni Outreach Simiplified For Campus Event Sponsorship

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The formation of any great event lies on its sponsors for which reaching out Alumni is the best step any event organizer can do. Depending on the event, its objective, the message it has to convey, alumni are perfect role models and can be counted as event sponsors too. Though this is an important step towards organizing a great event, this doesn’t look so handy every time when you’re in a search of a right person.

Being an event organizer in college my task was to ensure that every event has to be organized exceptionally. I worked on details ever since I got this responsibility being the President of my college. In an event, the prestige of a college is on the stake and you cannot put it down whatsoever reason is. “Fusion” is one of our prime event for a Mass Com college which is a huge platform to represent talents from our college and the level of expertise we have in our field. Organising an event and being creative is one of the prime requirement in our field and I took it as a challenge every time.

For years, we have been organizing great events. The toughest part of which was to reach out to the alumni who can help us out for event sponsorship as well. Our team was working day and night to make this event as exciting and enthralling as it could be, but trying to find the right alumni who could resolve our issue was a task we were not able to crack. We were looking for a platform that could associate us with any alumni association so that we could reach out to mass at one place.

One of my team members tried out opentalk casually considering it an interactive app where he associated with a lot of fellow guitarist like him. Based on his interest, which was music Ashutosh, one of our ace guitarist managed to create a huge gang on “My talk circle” feature of opentalk. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him about the app and the idea of reaching out to our targeted alumni through this app struck through my mind.



I created an account and based on our interest towards mass media, I found three to four alumni who introduced us to their association. The app has easy usability that made a very tricky task into a simpler one. Now we’re reaching out to several colleges and their talented students to participate in our event and so far the app is hooked us with a win-win situation.

We got introduced to Atri Malhotra, who was a famous alumnus of our college through Opentalk and is a known director a reputed media channel. He showed immense support and encouragement to our event’s concept and theme and sponsored the entire event on his media channels. My efforts were appreciated the most throughout the event and I learnt a lot. This is one achievement I’m really proud of and for me, there was no look back after this as I organized some major events in the final year of my college.


I got the craziest Arsenal fan like me on open talk!!

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With an eminent history of ruling on top, Arsenal football club has a tremendous match theory. Right from Club’s formation in 1886, they have vouched for one of the most influential talents to round out its squad.

In the history, looking into the stats their success story can put anyone to shame. Portuguese football manager Jose Mourinho once quoted “Look at the way teams play against Arsenal. They don’t believe they can win. They don’t believe.”

Ever since Arsene Wenger has taken command over Arsenal as manager, it has reached its highest position. Wenger brought back the original Arsenal legacy which was once loved by every true Arsenal fan. Not just that Arsenal has given us some legendary talents like Tony Adams and Thierry Henry which no one can ever ignore.

It is impossible to explain the level of enthusiasm that an Arsenal fan has for them and I’m sure one of them. No matter how much Manchester Utd fans you witness, Arsenal has its own legacy which no one can ever match up for. They have retained their position unbeaten during their several glorious years.


I, Rohan Kapur, recently shifted to Mumbai for professional reasons. Being new in a city could sometime Welbeck play his county moves.

But the worst part is to enjoy your favourite match without your best friends and with someone who can match up with my passion for Arsenal. I went into boredom after a while and soon it was no longer fun. The feeling of isolation made me miserable and my work life started suffering soon.

I started using opentalk trusting on a friend’s word and met Devansh who is also a crazy Arsenal lover like me. We met on filling the same interest field and started interacting during matches. He was a resident of Mumbai and soon we became close friends. We hang out together, had great fun watching our haunt you as it takes a while to settle in with the aura. And lack of your loved ones is normal. I went through the same during my initial months. I was so fond of Football (because of Arsenal of course) that I used to took an early off from my office so as to prepare and comfort myself before I could enjoy Danny favourite team play. And the whole Arsenal fever on my mind was back again.

We decided to make an Arsenal fan club on opentalk and now we have over 50 Arsenal lovers with us on Opentalk.