College talk with Opentalk

I was using Opentalk last night to talk to someone from Canada, and while having a conversation about college life he mentioned having fantastic college life, out of all incidents one was incident my favorite he said,

“One day in college, the teacher had stapled answer sheets to the back of every test by mistake. A few minutes after passing the tests around, his phone rang, and he stepped out. Everyone had noticed the answer sheet, and we decided that we would all use it and tear it off after. Hopefully, he would never see.
So I checked each of the answers, and they were all correct except for the last one. We were to draw a flowchart for a process. I checked the answer sheet, “answers will vary.”
I drew my flow chart, tore off the answer sheet and walked to the front podium to turn the test in. When I got to the podium, I had to know. I needed to see what everyone else had drawn for their flow chart. “answers will vary.” Everyone had written that in their tests.
I don’t remember what the teacher did about it.”

Thank you Opentalk, Thank you for making me meet such people.


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