Etiquette To Follow Online

I think every once in a while we run into someone who doesn’t reply to our messages properly and makes us wonder where we went wrong. Follow this fantastic guide which talks about how we can improve our online profile:-

1. Don’t start a conversation with cliched words like, ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ take an offbeat track; You don’t have to come up with a pickup line just move to a different language to say the same thing. A simple message in a simple way but works like magic.

2. Be little active; It is okay to start a conversation; Being the first one to start a conversation shouldn’t affect your ego, and you never know how busy the person on the other side or probably they are waiting for you to start it off.

3. Be selective about kind of pictures you are uploading online. It helps you in building an excellent reputation for yourself and as people say, A picture worth 1000 words.

4. Be particular know why you are on an app what are goals you are trying to full fill and how you are planning to socialise with the type of crowd you like.

5. I don’t want to be a Spelling/ Grammar Nazi, but it will be more than amazing if you could have little command over language you guys are using because for a lot of people biggest turn off is bag style.

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