Friendship knows no Boundaries

It was my first time visiting India; I lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was here on business and also to meet a friend, more like an online friend, she lived here in Karnataka. I was going to see her for the first time in person, we met on Opentalk and became fast friends, not only because we had so many things in common, or we shared similar interests but also because we found each other at the time when we needed a good friend in our lives the most, when we wanted nothing more than to confide in a person who would just listen to us and won’t judge.


It wasn’t like we only talked about the emotional stuff but we also talked about politics and places, we even argued a lot too, it’s like we had to argue over anything and everything, I still remembered, how one day we wound up arguing over “true love”, let’s just say I was a practical guy, I didn’t believe in the myth called “true love”, but as it happened, she was an incurable romantic, she told me a story about her friend; how she fell in love with a shy guy and they eloped.


How their families didn’t take this news well and were still not accepting of the happy union, yet they remain a happy couple, very much in love. Ever since we talked for the first time, we have found solace in each other’s words; it was kind of great to have found a person who understood you so well, gave you unbiased advice and never judged you, no matter what. The distance never became a barrier to our friendship, if anything; it only intensified our bond with the anticipation of seeing each other one day.

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