Get more of out of life – Thanks Opentalk!

We, humans, are really masochistic creatures, we get a perverse sense of humour on recalling our failures, we know all our shortcomings but instead of working on them we love to hide our demons in the closet, maybe we don’t want to be judged, maybe we don’t want to be the butt of jokes among the others or is it that we have seen enough failures in our lives that we have become afraid of success; I found myself engrossed in these self-deprecating thoughts one day. I guess I couldn’t help but think this way after everything that has happened to me or rather the things that my self-destructive self-has did to my life.

I worked at the chemist shop that was owned by my old man, he’s now retired but at sixty, he was still the same guy, I looked up to while growing up, the strongest person I knew, then again, I guess, fathers have always been the role model for their kids. Sometimes I wondered if my child would look up to me the I way I did to my dad. I don’t have many achievements, quite the opposite I have got this long list of things that I had been unsuccessful with in the past, for example; I passed my 10th class with mediocre grades, then I passed 12th in supplementary exams, then.

Yeah, there’s more, my list of bad choices is long, way too long for anyone’s liking, even mine’s, so, where were we? Yes, then I decided to do an animation course, which I had no interest in, I did it for two years then I left it halfway after I failed in my semester exams and now I dream of completing B. Pharma degree one day. Okay now, I know what you are thinking, how someone with my track records would ever pass the test, let alone get the degree, right?

But, an app called Opentalk helped me to get back on the track of my life. Well, to answer you, I’d say, I’ve finally found something where I think I belong to, and medicine has become my passion. I had a pep talk with one of the medical student whose story was quite similar to mine and after a couple of years career gap, now is studying in AIMS (Delhi), the country’s premier medical college. I know it took me a very long time to get where I can devote my whole heart to something but I know I’ve found it. Let’s just hope this is where I taste my first success.


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