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Being an athlete and belonging to, so-called ‘Sports Groups’ in college do add baggage to one’s personality. I have always been a Bookworm, but it was hard for me to discuss my love for books with my friends. That is when I came across Carl Knight- An anonymous account on Opentalk from IIT Roorkee. We matched almost three times on the same day. We talked about a lot of things, starting from books we are currently reading to the one which changed the way we look at life. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be someone else in front of him. He told me a couple of hacks we can use to score better in GRE. Lastly, we spoke about our problems- one we face in college. How hard it is to fit into college sometimes and how far we go for getting someone’s acceptance. He asked me to be myself and not hide my true self from anyone.

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It feels good to run into people who believe same things like you- they understand how hard it is to force ourselves to like or hate someone and face cultural shocks in college. I feel like the purpose of this app is incredible- to make you meet people who share same interests as you with no fear at all of the society. I’m waiting to get connected with him again so that I can tell him how much I liked his suggestion of, ‘Only time will tell by Jeffery Archer’ He suggested me a couple of fantastic TV Series and movies too. Hope I get time off practice soon so that I can watch it.

Contributed by Opentalker who wants to remain anonymous 

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