How long for your first trip?

I choose ‘New Places’ as an option for talking on Opentalk. I got connected to a London based travel blogger. I mentioned him how I’m scared of traveling but I really want to visit India.

“So how long for your first trip? A lifetime, if you’ve got one to spare. If not, a month would be ideal to make the most of each place you visit. At a stretch, you could get a taste of India’s magic in two weeks.

Allocate two nights at least for each place you visit and, as always, the longer you stay in a city the more you’ll be able to cozy up to locals who can give you their hot insider tips.

I recommend a rough itinerary encompassing accommodation and transport, leaving room for unavoidable Indian mishaps and adventurous detours.

All of India simply cannot be experienced in two weeks, two months, or possibly even two years. For first-timers stick to the north – the land of turbans, mustaches, palaces, and mountains – where you’re guaranteed to craft your very own Darjeeling Limited experience.

If you’re anxious about the sensory overload you will no doubt experience, or if you would just rather sit back and enjoy the ride, then get a guide. As for the language, Hindi isn’t spoken by everyone in India – in fact, there are more than 20 languages spoken throughout the country and English tends to serve as a common lingo.

However, a few Hindi phrases will definitely help break the ice: “Namaskar” (hello), “shukriya” (thank you), “aap kaise hai” (how are you), “kitna hai” (how much) and “naam kya hai” (what’s your name), is enough for your first trip.”

We got reconnected a few times and he helped me in sorting the whole plan out. Thanks to opentalk, I got to meet such a nice soul.

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