Love from Mexico!

One Afternoon, I download the app Opentalk without any other goal than practice English and improve my performance. So, the app connected me to a woman from Egypt. I realized She has a distinct accent and functional vocabulary. The conversation started with talking about our countries. She knew Mexico only by the name. I had an idea of Egypt because of the movies and news. I used to think that was a place in constant war, with heat in the air and explosives. She told me that things are said about Egypt in News when it comes to battles or religion, her country is an excellent place to visit. In fact, everyone can wear whatever they want.

They are respectful and friendly. When We spoke about climate, She said that the weather in Egypt during winters is perfect for the tourists. I had to agree because in the place where I live deals more with mild temperatures. And what is cold for them right now is good for me.

We talked about our culture without prejudging very kindly. We discovered that We had the same liking for teaching and children, the same feelings about our music likes, even after these are different. I like more pop music or ballads, and she doesn’t at all. But We concealed that our music changes with our mood. I felt happy because this was one of my first experience with the app but I relaxed during the talk.

It is excellent for me to know that on the other side of the world I would find a sister to speak out too. Meeting people like her make life worth. The tolerance and empathy that We can develop while we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and listen using this app. I invite you to get talks about whatever, get fun and use Opentalk.

-Story by Laura, Mexico

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