For the love of Music & Talk

I have frequently been using Opentalk in my free time. For obvious reasons it is one of the best apps I know, it never fails to impress me. Whenever I’m bored, I always use Opentalk because I’m connected to someone or the other from around the world who has an amazing story to share.

 Last week I got connected to a Russia based artist who makes abstract posters of iconic bands. We kept talking about music pieces with souls and of legendary bands like Nirvana, Pink Floyd, AC DC and in 40 minutes we talked about every possible song and its profound meaning.


He spoke of the cover and mentioned, “The album contains images relating to the theme of detachment. The most prominent image shows two businessmen shaking hands, with one of them on fire. This represents an insincere business deal, with one of the men about to get burned. In all of the images, something is missing, like the diver who does not make a splash.”

I had a good time, Thanks for Opentalk. Quality conversation, anytime anywhere!

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