Maybe I’m not alone

My life’s most understanding conversation was online. Firstly, I’m not promoting any product. I’m stating constant references so that one can understand. I started using Opentalk as one of the primary users. I just wanted to share my story- the child abuse I went through while growing up. I got connected to Joshua from Malibu; He was kind enough to let me continue with my story.

In short three minutes, I narrated the whole story to him, and then he mentioned that Child Abuse is common everywhere and a lot of people don’t come out. He said how his aunt uses to exploit him while growing up and when he mentioned the abuse he went through to his parents they asked him not to talk about it again.

We exchanged email address, and we continued talking online, and we kept saying how glad we are to run into each other and thanks to Opentalk. Probably stereotypes revolving around child abuse are completely stupid, and it is something extremely common at a global level, and people don’t want to talk about it.

I want strangers from all around the globe keep meeting on this app and keep discovering new things now and then.

– This story is shared by Udita Pal in one of her Quora answers.

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