Met an Acid Attack Survivor

The moment you mention you are a single mum with distorted face lot of people don’t feel like talking to you. I met this amazing lady online from Bangladesh who survived an abusive relationship and when she rebelled her husband threw acid at her face. She survived that attack and moved to the city, but the scars don’t leave the body quickly.

Moving to a new town didn’t help her much. She made her kid move to a boarding school and started life on her own. In our call, she mentioned how much she misses interacting with people, but societal standards of beautiful don’t fit her it was hard for her to find people to talk to and that’s why she joined this app.

She mentioned talking to people from different countries and how non-judgemental they were and how warm their nature was. She is planning to join some school as a teacher soon and is currently using this app to improve her English. I offered her my email address in case she wants help or wants to leave it on fate to get connected again. She laughed and said she would leave it on destiny. She changed the way I use to look at life; I thought my problems were major until I met her.


Contributed by Opentalker who wants to remain anonymous 

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