Met an amazing Doctor from Russia who broke myths around Breast Cancer for me

I came across Opentalk app on Instagram. I quickly downloaded since I’m addicted to the very idea of trying the new apps in my free time. In my second call, I was connected to Maria, who was a Russia-based doctor. We started off with talking about how Vodka is made, she laughed and made a joke about how Russia is stereotyped for Vodka.

I let out a small scream during a call, she was worried and asked what happened. I mentioned her having a little pain in my breasts. She told me to place a warm towel on it and lay down on the bed. I immediately did that, and she said, ‘Listen to whatever I say next. It will change your life.’


“There are a lot of myths revolving around Breast Cancer. Now, I’m not suggesting that you have it, but please get it checked. People say that only women who have a history of Breast Cancer have it, but almost 70% of women have the tendency of suffering from it, just the risk doubles as it is passed through the generations.

Also, wear any bra you want, bras and cancer have no relationship at all. Breast implants also don’t cause cancer so in case you are planning to get it, don’t be shy. If anyone asked you not to apply antiperspirant because it causes cancer, please don’t listen to them.
And, your breast size has nothing to do with cancer so women who think that having small breasts will lessen their risk, it is not so. Caffeine has nothing to do breast cancer.” She mentioned

She gave me a 10-minute long session, and later I thanked her. She added me on Facebook, and she shared a couple of links with me to go through. After checking her profile, I came to know that she had Cancer herself and survived. Not every superhero wear capes- some just meet you online.

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