Miles Away with story to say!

I think every country has its very own set of stereotypes. I’m not kidding. I never got a chance to interact with someone of a different country at the personal level. Thanks to Opentalk, I got this opportunity to talk to someone from Germany.



I got connected to Jason during my lunch hour, and while interacting, he asked if everyone in India dances every time something happens. I let out a small laugh and said no but then I couldn’t resist myself from asking if culture over there is similar to what we see in movies to which he said no.


We talked about how culture is stereotyped and plugged into minds of millions to make money out of it. Jason mentioned how parents are strict over there and care about their kids’ whereabouts and are genuinely concerned about their future and work life. We had so much to discuss that one call wasn’t enough, we reconnected again. He mentioned what his childhood was like and when I mentioned how I live away from my family and still talk to them every day he smiled and said that your upbringing is so different from ours.


We exchanged email addresses before hanging up. Thanks, Opentalk, I have a friend sitting miles away clearing all Stereotypes for me.


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