New features in Opentalk

Opentalk always focuses on innovative ways of expressing what is going on in a user’s mind and what better way than making small but significant changes to enhance the user experience. At Opentalk, we want to build a product which is quick, grasping, easy to use and something which makes user come back again.

Express With Opentalk:-

Opentalk introduces ‘The Effects,’ add different sounds to the conversation to express your feelings.The reason we introduced this feature was that we wanted external voices to express the feelings the user is having, we have started off with three voices for the time being, and we will add more as it requires, these voices acts like an emoji to the voice conversations. Send ‘Ha Ha’ to add wittiness to any funny moment in the entire conversation. An ‘Awww’ to seize the innocence of the user and lastly, ‘Claps’ to appreciate people.

More Insightful Profiles:-

Opentalk in introducing Enhanced profiles with essential details and their memoir on Opentalk. Know about their location, education and their Opentalk history. Opentalk wants to blur the reduce between two strangers, and we want to start it with providing essential information and their history on Opentalk. The profile discusses how many thumbs up you have, number of Opentalks you had, minutes of conversations you did and an average of how much time you have spent on the App. It is hard to judge a book by its cover but what if the cover has all the information you ever needed?


Opentalk Map:-

An insightful world map covering all the countries you have talked to. Complete your 50 calls on Opentalk and get your map! With each request, you are expanding your circle, and Opentalk wants you to keep track of it. You can always share information about all the countries you have connected to talk with your friends the cultural difference these countries have and discuss it with your friends. Encourage them into coming up and talking to people from everywhere.

Personality Box:-

Compliments are always are always welcomed by everyone. Opentalk introduces Personality Box where a personality pie chart is generated based on your behavior on the app and user feedback. This chart is based upon how user felt after talking to you, and you can provide any user with the same

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