Stranger turned motivator

I’m a single mother from Minnesota with three kids. At times life is hard, sometimes you just want to talk to someone and having teens makes everything impossible. I made my kids join Summer Camp to have little time to myself, and within no time I started missing them.

I download Opentalk along with other networking apps; the only difference was that I was instantly connected to people whenever I wanted to in this one whereas other apps required text approvals and replies. I got connected to someone from Cairo, who happened to be a life coach. He heard all my problems and never interrupted me even once. I mentioned being tired, distressed, upset, lost and I felt like I was not a good parent.

He calmed me down and asked me to try meditating. He mentioned how life is not always going to be fair; even time needs a little time to turn from evil to good. He asked me to take a deep breath and told me to make it part of my regular schedule. Further, he asked me to make my kids sit and have a talk with them about how hard it is to be a single mother and how they can act as savior. How a call from a complete stranger can make you feel good about yourself and world around you looks like Agenda of you guys! Kudos guys! I will recommend Opentalk to everyone.

Thanks a lot.




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