How I explored my passion for food and blogging through Opentalk

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Belonging to a family of doctors and engineers, my whole school life was spent focusing on science stream. In the excitement of fulfilling my parent’s dreams, I never really focused on what I want to be and what I love to do. I was a bright student and easily got admission in one of the top engineering colleges of my city.

As some time passed and studies started, I saw my fellow mates sharing their passion for engineering and their future goals and talking about their inspirations. When I was asked what my passion and goal is, I was confused as the first thing that came to my mind was experimenting with food. Yes, it was quite funny for my mates as engineering and experiments with food have no connection at all.

That day I went home and had some serious thought over what I am actually doing to myself. Being a bright student I never really thought that being an engineer is not my cup of tea. That incident made me realize my passion.

Next day, I shared all the things buzzing in my mind with one of my friends. She gave me some piece of advice and introduced me to an app called “Opentalk” as she thought she is not the apt person to suggest anything to me, as it is a big decision of my life. She said, the Opentalk app lets you talk to people of same interest as yours, and it was the perfect way for me to talk to someone who is a food blogger or a chef because they can assist me better in deciding if this line is a good career option or not.

I thought of trying the application “Opentalk” suggested by my friend. As I started exploring the features, I was amazed to see the app. In the app, I joined a group circle named bloggers and started talking over there. In the group, many experienced, as well as budding bloggers, were having a conversation about the future of blogging and blogging as a profession. I got a pretty positive response from blogging as a profession. Then, I found a food blogger in the group and I approached him personally. His name was Karan and he was just as experimental with food as me. A few Opentalks later, we were sharing our common food interests. He also loved trying different sort of flavours to the food just like me. He inspired me to create a blog and start posting the picture of food that I have tried or cooked.

I did work on my blog with Karan’s assistance and showed my parents the good response I was getting from the readers.

After some days, I and Karan thought of collaborating for our blogs, but as we stay in different cities, we found an interesting way to collaborate through Opentalk where we shared the recipes with each other and cooked the food according to the recipes. We created new dishes together and posted it on our blog and it was a big hit and boost.


Now, I am a good food blogger and would thank Opentalk for giving me an opportunity to catch up with such like-minded people having the same interest as mine.


How I Helped current students of my Alma mater in Interview preparation!

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Connecting back with one’s alma mater is always nostalgic and full of pride. But, it becomes difficult to take up such extracurricular activities in today’s fast-paced life. I was deeply interested in reconnecting with my college’s students and faculty and wanted to contribute to the betterment of my alma mater.

It is in this context, that I stumbled upon Opentalk app that makes you connect to student from your own university. On Opentalk I got connected to a few students of my college and with the help of one of the great feature of Opentalk app I made a talk circle to which I added the students. It was a pleasure to help the final year students prepare for their placement interviews. Given my engineering background, I connected with the engineering students and gave them some tangible action points based on my interaction with them.

The interview has two specific parts – one judging your technical skills and the other judging your soft skills.

Most of the engineering students lack in their soft skills so my first set of advice to them was:

  • Groom Yourself Well
  • Practice in front of the mirror to get direct feedback
  • Maintain a decent smile on your face while interviewing
  • Avoid repeating sentences
  • Maintain a good Body language
  • Be a good listener and answer confidently

The second area where I advised students was in preparing for the most frequently asked soft questions which give the candidate’s first impression to the interviewer and also sets the direction for the rest of the interview.

  1. Tell us something about yourself

When an interviewer asks you to tell something about yourself then you should not talk about your family history etc since those details are already on your resume. You should take this opportunity to tell them about your strengths which are not mentioned in the resume. This will help you guide your interview towards your comfort zone. Reply with confidence and maintain an eye contact with interviewer throughout the interview.

  1. Talk about your Hobbies, Project, and Achievements

This is your chance to prove that you are better than other candidates who are sitting outside the room. Tell him about the projects you did in college and your learning from the same. Elaborate on your hobbies as well and help the interviewer understand you as a person and your general interests.

  1. Things you want to accomplish in few years

It’s a knockdown version of “Why we should hire you”. Your goals for next few years help the interviewer understand your interest areas as well as your hunger to succeed. He would judge your potential and utility for the organization through this question.

Well, while explaining the questions and tricks to the students, I felt like why there were no facilities like Opentalk in my time. It felt so good to share my knowledge and experience with all of them. Opentalk became a medium that actually helped each student to connect with me according to their topic of interest.

During the interaction with the students, I got so nostalgic that I remembered my college days and shared my feelings with them. There were no apps like Opentalk at that time. We could not get any guidance from our alumni. But now the time has changed and so has the technology. The best part about the app is that the calls are free of cost and only the mobile data is used to make the call. Thus, it was pretty affordable for students to get in touch with me.

On Opentalk, I interacted with 8 students and could feel that I was able to add value to their preparations while I was having multiple interactions with them. I am generally very busy on weekdays, thus, I tried to take out 1-2 hours during the weekends for the scheduled time on the Opentalk app and helped the youngsters in creating a better life for themselves. I have received a call from all of them as they got placed during the campus placement and there is a special emotional connection with all of my students. Hopefully, the relationship would stay forever. Thanks to Opentalk for opening up the world of possibilities for me.


Reconnect with Opentalk

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When I use Opentalk, most people ask me about my social media handles. But being honest ever since I started using Opentalk most of the time I spend is using my cell phone for using this app so for me there is no point on having more friends on my social media accounts as I am not as active as before.

However when I first started using Opentalk I was not aware of the reconnect option, so I gave my social media to some people, and you know what that is such a shame because we don’t talk anymore, maybe because texting is not as fun as telling, at least not for me. So I decided not to share my social media information anymore.

I did not want to end up with a massive list of friends that I don’t even talk to, and that was until the day I spoke to a friend from South Africa, he was really into the app and the features this app has to offer.

So all we did during 20 minutes was talking about the fun he is having by being an Opentalker, and then since I had to go. I needed to run some errands, so I told him that was a pleasure and that I wished there was a way for us to talk thru the app and that is when I received the great news. He explained to me, and we had to extend the call because I had so many questions about this feature!

So if you ask me what is the best about that? The part where there is no place for harassment as if you send the request to someone you’ll have to wait for them to call you! I hope you guys enjoy this feature as much as I do.


Talking Stories

My first conversation on Opentalk

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My first experience with Opentalk was outstanding. I was talking with Ahmed. We discussed for 20 minutes about a lot of things. Ahmed is a boy from El Cairo in Egypt. He was telling me lot of stuff about Arabic culture. He speaks perfect English. Also, he said to me that he is in university studying biology and his girlfriend is also researching in biology with him. And even he told me when he ends his studies he wants to come with his girlfriend to work in Europe.

He thinks in Europe he will have more opportunities in his career, I think he was very kind, and the conversation was pleasant. Also, we were talking about hobbies. He likes to dance and even he like cars and repair motors. I told him I was in Abu Dhabi last year and it was quick travel. He said me he was in Jordan to visit his family. And also he like nature, animals, music, and all the things related to his profession.

Also, Ahmed told me he wants to build a place like a sanctuary for birds. In Egypt, there are birds who are getting endangered. That’s why he wants to make sanctuary to protect birds.r. And I told him I think is a perfect idea. I’m also a lover of animals and nature. I told him I was in the Philippines and I visited the tarsier sanctuary. Tarsier is small kind of monkey also in danger of disappearing and very weak. That’s why I know is an excellent idea make this. Because the animals can live in absolute freedom and they are protected and care for the volunteers

Before Ahmed, I tried connecting with two other people on the app, but the call was over very soon. I think because of a bad connection. This was my first proper experience in Opentalk.

– Diego, Spain

Talking Stories

Love from Mexico!

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One Afternoon, I download the app Opentalk without any other goal than practice English and improve my performance. So, the app connected me to a woman from Egypt. I realized She has a distinct accent and functional vocabulary. The conversation started with talking about our countries. She knew Mexico only by the name. I had an idea of Egypt because of the movies and news. I used to think that was a place in constant war, with heat in the air and explosives. She told me that things are said about Egypt in News when it comes to battles or religion, her country is an excellent place to visit. In fact, everyone can wear whatever they want.

They are respectful and friendly. When We spoke about climate, She said that the weather in Egypt during winters is perfect for the tourists. I had to agree because in the place where I live deals more with mild temperatures. And what is cold for them right now is good for me.

We talked about our culture without prejudging very kindly. We discovered that We had the same liking for teaching and children, the same feelings about our music likes, even after these are different. I like more pop music or ballads, and she doesn’t at all. But We concealed that our music changes with our mood. I felt happy because this was one of my first experience with the app but I relaxed during the talk.

It is excellent for me to know that on the other side of the world I would find a sister to speak out too. Meeting people like her make life worth. The tolerance and empathy that We can develop while we give ourselves the opportunity to learn and listen using this app. I invite you to get talks about whatever, get fun and use Opentalk.

-Story by Laura, Mexico