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Hoy por la mañana estuve conversando a través de open talk con un chico de la india el cual empezó la conversación preguntándome acerca de cuáles eran mis hobbies, le comenté que me encanta la música ya que soy músico, me encanta tocar el piano y la batería, además otro hobbie muy presente en mi […]


Reconnect with Opentalk

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When I use Opentalk, most people ask me about my social media handles. But being honest ever since I started using Opentalk most of the time I spend is using my cell phone for using this app so for me there is no point on having more friends on my social media accounts as I […]

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How to interact with Difficult people

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Almost everyone encounters a difficult person now and then in personal and professional life. The best defense against conflict in such a situation is to be prepared for interacting with difficult individuals. 1. Be honest and direct. State your concern from your perspective, for example: I have a hard time concentrating when … I can’t […]

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Safe Network with Opentalk

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With Social media you never know whether it is safe or not, if you see the news there are lots of bad things happening to people because of irresponsible social media usage. So What you think is not safe to talk to people you don’t know, and most of the people only accept the request […]