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Cup Full Of Wisdom

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I have been using Opentalk for a while; As an employee of the company, it is important to regularly use what you are building and contribute to developing a product which everyone will like and appreciate. While experimenting with the app, I came across this woman on the app. She was from Kolkata, 29-year-old and […]

Talk Science

How Opentalk helps

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Some people don’t like to talk too much but Opentalk can be helpful for everyone. It’s worth making an effort to talk through what’s going on for you with someone you trust. Good things that can come from talking are: It’ll help you sort through your thoughts and clarify whatever is going on for you […]

Talking is fun

8 reasons why we should choose calling over texting!

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1. A phone call is real-time With texting, we tend to play this ridiculous game that revolves around who has the power in the conversation. The person who has yet to respond leaves the other person on tenterhooks, wondering if that was a dumb thing to say, if they were just scared off, if they’re […]