Why talking is important in Digital Age?

In today’s tech-driven world, it’s quite feasible to avoid a voice conversation with another human being unless it’s in person and even then, the conversation is often optional or limited as people are busy clicking away on their electronic devices. We welcomed and embraced technology with the introduction of email followed by texting.

Alas, as a result, we often avoid face to face or phone conversations, whether for business or pleasure. We can now handle a good share of our communication with our fingers rather than with our voices.  Is this a problem you may ask yourself?  The answer is yes, it can be especially if the majority of your conversations are the electronic kind.

Developmental psychologists studying the impact of texting are especially concerned about young people’s interpersonal skills which have not yet fully formed. If kids today do not adequately acquire those skills before adulthood, moving out into the real world, can actually be scary—there’s a genuine fear of conversation.

While email and text have offered us an exciting, evolving society, you have to wonder if we’ve gone too far. Do we now avoid real conversations at all costs and try to solely handle our correspondence through email and text?

Of course it’s convenient and quick, but have we lost the art of communication? And if we lose the art of real communication, are we also jeopardizing real relationships? How can solid relationships be built with 4 word sentences and emojis?

Whether in the business world or in our personal lives, real communication often takes courage. Developing your emotional intelligence is a critical ingredient in all healthy adult relationships. Emails and texts offer only a snippet of someone’s real self.

When you talk to someone, whether in person or on the phone, that’s when their true personality comes out. Hearing someone’s voice tells you a lot about the person, are they positive or negative, happy or sad, enthusiastic or disinterested.

Whether we love it or not, emailing and texting are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we should let technology create fear of real conversation or sharing of ourselves in a meaningful way.

Let’s save texting for the simple stuff, like confirming the time you’re meeting someone, what to grab at the grocery store or a quick text during the middle of the day to let them know you’re thinking of them. But texting is not the place for anything serious. Never handle something over text that should be handled in person or over the phone. Don’t be afraid of connecting with someone through real conversation.

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