Type of People you meet online:-

1. The Wise Ones: These are usually the people who have a lot of information to share and a lot of knowledge to give, but the only thing is that no one asked for it. They will keep mentioning how the internet is a dangerous place and you should be safe. The irony is, you are talking to them online.

2. The Chit Chatters: These are non-stop talkers who will keep telling you various things about themselves and keep asking you different things until and unless the whole situation starts making you feel uncomfortable.

3. The Fake profiles: These probably will be your only encounters will include celebrities and unfortunately the fake ones. People with low esteem or too scared of people’s opinion add pictures of celebrities as theirs, and here you feel happy for some time, and then reality hits you hard.

4. The Gone ones: These are usually the people who talk to you once and are gone with the wind somewhere, probably Stephen Hawking and his black hole has some answer to it. The Sad part is, sometimes you click and are sad because you will never see them again.

5. The over assumers: These people usually love over thinking about things without proper thought processing. They keep pinging, messaging poking, etc. until and unless sometimes mentions why they weren’t replying and then they spent half hour apologizing for the same. Ah! Endless loop!

6. The Cheaters: These are probably married or committed men looking for action outside their relationship and will do anything to get laid no matter how obvious their actual relationship is.

7. The charmers: These are usually the people with right DP, Right information and everything perfect until and unless they open their mouth and suddenly whole charm is gone, and you feel like never using a networking app.

8. The perfect matches: Sometimes you run into just the right person online, everything about them is attractive, and you realize what kind of people you need in your life to be happy. Rare but true.

9. The super cheerful: These people are usually delighted and up beat. They will create a very positive aura around you and nothing will make you happier than you were before!

10. The super introverts: These are the people who want to make friends but unfortunately are too shy. They usually create an account, add details but are too shy to come out and use it. And app dies in their phone

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